Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

gracefully pretty

remembering the beautiful, beautiful grace kelly ... today would have been her 80th birthday

ah, this face, this look, this sense of style ...

happy birthday, loriot!

it is a great pleasure to celebrate vicco von bülow's 87th birthday today. he is a great satirist with the subtlest sense of humour and an adorably dignified man.

november 12th in history

on november 12th 1840, auguste rodin - the avantgardist sculptor - was born in paris. his wonderful works have inspired generations of artists.

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

gays in modern society

tonight i watched the german talk show 'menschen bei maischberger' ... the title of tonights broadcast being 'gays taking over', mrs. maischberger had a very interesting bunch of guests.
the mayor of berlin was accompanied by a lesbian actress, a member of the conservative party csu and two gay couples...

it was truly moving to watch the artists john guenther and alfred kaine talk about the decades after wwII when homosexuality was still a punishable crime and how much psychical suffering they had to endure until the situation for gays became as benign as it is today .... they are such a sweet and admirable couple who have been together for almost 50 years now - best of luck and joy!

read an interview (in german) here


yay! i found something sexy :)

check out this new eBook reader ... i know - the kindle is quite cute, but this reader looks quite sweet, too ... don't you think?

check it out on

i'll try to get it for christmas and it will finally allow me to carry my collection of flaubert and maupassant evereywhere i walk... totally tits! (3>_<3)

steamboat willie

bad hair day... -_-